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    "An uneasy tale of grisly murder and off-the-record justice" Read More

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  • Out in Theaters: TUSK

    "A sickening stitch of new age body horror" Read More

    More horror, my thoughts on Star Wars, and the final Herzog-Kinski films. Read More
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  • Out in Theaters: THE GUEST NOTE: Re-printed from our 2014 Sundance review.Slam Drive and Stocker together, rub them down in a spicy 80's genre marinate and sprinkle with mesmerizing performances and dollops of camp and you have The Guest. Like a turducken of genre, Adam Wingard's latest is a campy horror movie stuffed inside a hoodwinking Canon action flick and deep fried in the latest Read More
  • Out in Theaters: HONEYMOON NOTE: Re-printed from our 2014 SXSW review. In 1954, Colliers Magazine published Jack Finney's sci-fi horror serial The Body Snatchers. Since then, this fire starter novella has led to a handful of direct film adaptations (the latest being Oliver Hirschbiegel's 2007 The Invasion starring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman) and dozens of spinoffs (John Carpenter's The Thing for instance.) But Read More
  • Out in Theaters: THE DROP Pitch perfect performances grounded by a bare-bones gangster plot and a neglected puppy makes The Drop a sweeping human story surging with thematic undertones of good versus evil.  Returning after the majorly affecting Bullhead, Belgian director Michael R. Roskam enters the English language game to deliver yet another absolute wonder of subtlety and character. Backed by a screenplay from Denis Read More
  • Weekly Review 53: TEXAS, VIETNAM, NOSFERATU, HOUSE, INNKEEPERS Now that fall is here - I know it's not the Autumn Equinox yet or anything but September = fall in my mind so deal with it - I've taken myself hostage to an onslaught of horror movies. As Above/So Below proved to be a mighty fun time at the cinema - though I am amongst the few who seem to think so - and Read More
  • A Collision of Curt: Bumbershoot's 1 Reel Film Festival Brings All the Shorts Bumbershoot's 1 Reel Film Festival, currated by the Seattle International Film Festival, was a charmed parade of "cinematic brevity" that came and went with a bang; a lavish celebration of the art form offering a smattering of delightful shorts. We had the in to cover as much as possible of this three day long engagement that afforded a chance for Read More
  • Weekly Review 52: AGUIRRE, RISKY, JODOROWSKY'S, 12 O'CLOCK, TAKEI This week has held no press screenings until Thursday night which means I've had plenty of time to catch up on my hit list. As Above/So Below screened the night before it was opening, a generally telltale sign of bad things to come, but proved to be a madcap fright-fest. More by random chance than anything, I found myself watching Read More
  • Out in Theaters: AS ABOVE/SO BELOW John Erick Dowdle is an alchemist. He's turned $5 million dollars into a pantheon of terror in As Above/So Below; an adventurer's misadventure set in the made-for-the-movies Paris catacombs. There's eddies of blood, characters crawling on their hands and knees through piles of dusty human bones, haunting cult-like choirs providing some hair-raising ambiance and eerie demonic symbology caking the scenery. Read More
  • Out in Theaters: LOVE IS STRANGE Love is strange. It's hard to pin down, impossible to predict and most of the time doesn't really make much sense. Aristophanes claimed that love was the end of the search for one's other half. Plato stated that love is a serious mental disease. In the ironic tremble of John Lennon, "Love is all you need." Ira Sachs' lovingly made Read More
  • Out in Theaters: THE NOVEMBER MAN It's been a full dozen years since Pierce Brosnan and co. shamed the Bond franchise with Die Another Day - the 007 movie with an invisible car, "glacier surfing" and Halle Berry. Since 2002, his film career has all but gone undercover. He's starred in a slew of little known independent films with his most well-known appearances likely being in Roman Read More
  • Weekly Review 51: GIGOLO, STAGE, CONGRESS, IMMIGRANT, FITZCARRALDO From Woody Allen to Meatloaf, this installment of Weekly Review takes a look at some of the flicks of 2014 that haven't met much fanfare. I visited John Turturro's Fading Gigolo, the SXSW horror movie Stage Fright, last year's Cannes film The Congress starring Robin Wright, James Gray's historical drama The Immigrant and took a trip back in time for Read More
  • Out in Theaters: SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR An argument could be made that Sin City: A Dame to Kill For isn't really a movie. There's no real story to speak of, and what does try to pass as a story is a shambled mess of ultra-violent non-sequiturs; a collage of half-thought through ideas that never add up or mean anything in the context of one another. A Read More
  • Out in Theaters: IF I STAY Like Kurosawa armed with dueling loafs of cheesy bread, If I Stay takes out the cheese stick and beats everything to death with it. There's tragiporn spilling from every nook, weepy-anguish souping from every cranny. It's not enough for a family to die, they must be dealt with in one sorry, sappy blow after the next. Stretch that sadness as Read More
  • Talking with Chloe Grace Moretz of IF I STAY At the tender young age of 12, Chloe Grace Moretz suited up in purple spandex and dropped profanities like a pirate's parrot. Offensive to some and provocative to all, her role as Hit-Girl exposed her to the world in a big way and it was a career moved that has since paid off ten-fold. She's since starred in films such Read More
  • Weekly Review 50: INDIGO, TRANS4MERS, IDA, 13, THE GOOD It's been more than two weeks since our last outing at the Weekly Review outpost so I've got a bit to catch up on. At the theater, I gobbled up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Into the Storm, The Giver and Love is Strange (review soon). Since most of the television shows I watch are off air for the summer season, Read More
  • Out in Theaters: THE GIVER 18 years ago, Jeff Bridges directed a BetaMax version of The Giver. It was a lo-fi test run starring his father, Lloyd Bridges, photographed by brother Casey Bridges and narrated by Bud Court (Harold and Maude). It never made it to market - or outside the Bridge's living room for that matter - but as it yellowed in a storage box somewhere, Read More
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