• Out in Theaters: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

    "Marvel's crowning achievement" Read More
  • Out in Theaters: HERCULES

    "The movie equivalent of having a pube stuck in your throat" Read More
  • Out in Theaters: A MOST WANTED MAN

    "Behold: the one sentence review" Read More
  • Out in Theaters: LUCY

    "Everything Transcendence should have been" Read More
  • Out in Theaters: MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT

    "There's much to love about Magic in the Moonlight" Read More
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  • Out in Theaters: I ORIGINS David Hume was a Scottish Empiricist who believed that knowledge comes only from those things that we can directly observe. We know that double bacon cheeseburgers exist because we can see them, we can smell them, we can taste them (Mmmmm.) God on the other hand cannot be seen, smelt or tasted, so his existence is improvable (not to be Read More
  • 21 Shows I'm Watching/Have Watched in 2014 RANKED Because people won't read it unless you rank it, I've decided to lay out all the new or ongoing shows I'm watching or have watched this year. As a criteria of sorts, I'm only including shows of which I've watched all the episodes of and am up to date on. So nothing that I've just taken a peek at, watched Read More
  • Out in Theaters: SEX TAPE Apparently women love to blog. Hollywood seems to think they like narrating their blog posts too. You’ll see bad movies open and close with it like they’re Kevin Hart’s mouth. Read More
  • Out in Theaters: THE PURGE: ANARCHY The Purge had a fascinating conceit - that society was allowed to kill, steal, and rape with carte blanche for one 12 hour period annually - but was ultimately a bitter disappointment. The characters were thin, the home invasion plot familiar and it just generally lacked on tension and legitimate scares. For having launched from such a strong starting block, it face-planted Read More
  • Has the Summer of 2014 Been the Best in Years? Quite simply: yes. We're not even mid-way into July and we've already seen the meteoric rise of many masterclass takes on the summer tentpole. With the nearly perfect Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the breathtaking X-Men: Days of Future Past, Tom Cruise's thrilling sci-fi actioner Edge of Tomorrow, Phil Lord and Chris Miller's hysterical 22 Jump Street, Dreamwork's Read More
  • Out in Theaters: DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES Too many times, that overused phrase "It made me feel like a kid again" has stood as a defense for liking sub-par movies. But with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, a truly magical work that had me giddy, mouth agape in sheer wonder (like a big-mouth bass caught hook, line and sinker) I will happily cloak myself in Read More
  • Weekly Review 48: BATMAN, RYAN, SPANGLISH, LIFE Since I've been on vacation the past few weeks, I've had no opportunity to turn to the theater for new screenings. I did however have a chance to finally catch up with Neighbors, which Chris Bunker reviewed upon release but I kept missing. Though I found more to like than he did - I was quite fond of Seth Rogen and Read More
  • Out in Theaters: TAMMY Begin Again played with alcoholism; Tammy’s the kind of movie that’s alcoholic. The whole thing seems inebriated, like it was shot with a camera in one hand and a shot of booze in the other. Never mind that Susan Sarandon spends the film chugging whiskey and brews, or that Melissa McCarthy can’t seem to make it a mile without blowing Read More
  • Out in Theaters: BEGIN AGAIN Begin Again is the type of movie that comes with a set of instructions: Pre-heat oven to 400°. Mix divorce, heartbreak, success, failure and teen angst in a bowl while stirring in heavy doses of music. Cook for 104 minutes or until golden brown. Your film is now done and ready to enjoy! Read More
  • Out in Theaters: TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Einstein said that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” You have to be insane to be a Minnesota Timberwolves fan. Heading into tonight’s NBA Draft, I was resolved for the worst, because you can expect nothing more from one of the worst professional franchises in sport, an organization that’s run like a Read More
  • Talking with Bong Joon-Ho of SNOWPIERCER I've said it one times too many already but for the purpose of this article, it's really worth reiterating again: I'm a big fan of South Korean film. So it shouldn't be much of a surprise that I jumped at the opportunity to interview Bong Joon-Ho, a great voice within the oeuvre of South Korean films and a leader of Read More
  • Weekly Review 48: MEMORIES, DEAD, STAKELAND We're back this week for Weekly Review in a week that's admittedly all about TV. Game of Thrones wrapped up with a rather cinematic finale but felt a touch disappointing after the omission of a certain cliffhanger. But the real triumph is found in FX's Fargo, which for all the many, many ways it could have failed miserably, has turned Read More
  • Out in Theaters: THE ROVER With Animal Kingdom, David Michôd proved that Australia had a place at the table when discussing great new cinematic voices globally (and all but introduced the world to Ben Mendelsohn, Joel Edgerton and Jackie Weaver). With The Rover, he's taken the next step towards auteurship in a stripped-down, sand-blasted, shaggily-moraled, post-apocalyptic Western saga. In it, Robert Pattinson's star shines bright, Read More
  • Out in Theaters: JERSEY BOYS Clint Eastwood's latest biopic, Jersey Boys, paints Frankie Valli as some sort of falsetto-ing saint - an absentee father, yes, but a take-it-on-the-chin, bootstraps machismo with the voice of an angel and a bleeding heart for his down on their luck, criminally-inclined best buddies. And though the man has a range that reaches into the high soprano section like a eunuch Read More
  • Weekly Review 47: ONCE, MARS!, FILTH, 2 DAYS, ABOUT I know, I know, it's been a while since I've visited this list but with SIFForty stuffing my mouth full of films like I'm Takeru Kobayashi at a hot dog eating contest, I didn't have time to do anything outside of the magical land of the international film festival. But now that that's over and done with for the year Read More
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