Multiple A+s, multiple classics. Read More
  • Talking with J. Davis and Tobin Bell of MANSON FAMILY VACATION

    Murder, movies and Charlie Manson. Read More
  • Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow Talk TRAINWRECK

    Amy and Judd talk Trainwreck, a.k.a. the Apatow comeback vehicle. Read More
  • Out in Theaters: GET HARD

    "Will assuredly summon laughs from Ferrell and Hart fans" Read More

    New Zealand horror comedy at its most heavy metal. Read More
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  • SXSW Review: 6 YEARS In the throes of first love, life becomes exasperatingly disoriented. We convince ourselves that there is but one person who can appreciate, understand and care for us and that that person should not be let go lest we never experience such a sensation of belonging again. Future aspirations come to head with plans of fidelity and the person you are Read More
  • Talking with Taissa Farmiga and Ben Rosenfield of 6 YEARS For all the schmaltzy young love that pollutes our movie screens (*cough* If I Stay, Fault in Our Stars *cough*) there comes the ocassional tale of youth and young love that actually merits a watch. 6 Years is that movie. And now that it's been picked up by Netflix, you'll actually probably watch it. How novel! From our review; Emotionally Read More
  • SXSW Review: HE NEVER DIED OG Black Flag vocalist Henry Rollins has been lending himself out to little movie roles since he left the band in 1986. Arguably his most prominent and commercial appearance came out of his run on Sons of Anarchy as the muscle of white supremacist group the League of American Nationalists. In the role, Rollins hinted at a dangerous side - ok, Read More
  • Talking with Robert Duvall of WILD HORSES With Wild Horses, Robert Duvall returns to the director's chair after a 13 year stay of absence. Though he attempts to craft an unlikely movie with meaning inside the confines of a thriller/western, the film gets away from him. From our review; "The proof-of-concept for Wild Horses is in the pudding: Robert Duvall in front of and behind the camera, Read More
  • SXSW Review: THE DIABOLICAL The Diabolical is the first - and oddly enough only - horror movie I've seen at SXSW that actually tries to be scary. More often than not at this year's fest, we saw midnighters going for a creepy but never quite scary vibe (The Boy, The Frontier), attempting to be satirical (Ava's Possessions, Excess Flesh) or just being batty, campy gorefests (Deathgasm, Read More
  • SXSW Review: THE BOY Ted (Jared Breeze) is a serial killer in the making. He's only nine years old but all the warning signs are there in Craig William Macneill's slow burning but explosively rewarding The Boy. Like the great unmade redneck prequel to The Good Son, The Boy shows the quiet transformation of ennui to psychosis as an immeasurably bored towhead graduates from Read More
  • SXSW REVIEW: CREATIVE CONTROL Creative Control takes place in a world of technology just a few year's out from today. Cell phones and computer screens are composed of sheer cuts of opaque glass and flicker with images only visible to their owner. Apps are controlled with the slightest wave of a finger, like a symphony composer directing his orchestra. Wearable tech has reached a Read More
  • SXSW: FRESNO Fresno benefits greatly from the duel casting of Judy Greer and Natasha Lyonne as scrubby, flawed sisters who drag each other down a spiral of bad decisions. At the helm, Jamie Babbit makes her own series of bad decisions, often unable to get out of the way of a problematic script from Karey Dornetto and some off-putting and downright absurd Read More
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