Old classics and new documentaries make for a fantastic week. Read More
  • Out in Theaters: AS ABOVE/SO BELOW

    "Enough to have me clutching onto my armrests for dear life" Read More
  • Out in Theaters: LOVE IS STRANGE

    "Quite beautiful and often touching" Read More
  • Out in Theaters: THE NOVEMBER MAN

    "More about headshots than brains" Read More

    Some indies of 2014 and Werner Herzog makes an appearance. Read More
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  • Out in Theaters: SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR An argument could be made that Sin City: A Dame to Kill For isn't really a movie. There's no real story to speak of, and what does try to pass as a story is a shambled mess of ultra-violent non-sequiturs; a collage of half-thought through ideas that never add up or mean anything in the context of one another. A Read More
  • Out in Theaters: IF I STAY Like Kurosawa armed with dueling loafs of cheesy bread, If I Stay takes out the cheese stick and beats everything to death with it. There's tragiporn spilling from every nook, weepy-anguish souping from every cranny. It's not enough for a family to die, they must be dealt with in one sorry, sappy blow after the next. Stretch that sadness as Read More
  • Talking with Chloe Grace Moretz of IF I STAY At the tender young age of 12, Chloe Grace Moretz suited up in purple spandex and dropped profanities like a pirate's parrot. Offensive to some and provocative to all, her role as Hit-Girl exposed her to the world in a big way and it was a career moved that has since paid off ten-fold. She's since starred in films such Read More
  • Weekly Review 50: INDIGO, TRANS4MERS, IDA, 13, THE GOOD It's been more than two weeks since our last outing at the Weekly Review outpost so I've got a bit to catch up on. At the theater, I gobbled up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Into the Storm, The Giver and Love is Strange (review soon). Since most of the television shows I watch are off air for the summer season, Read More
  • Out in Theaters: THE GIVER 18 years ago, Jeff Bridges directed a BetaMax version of The Giver. It was a lo-fi test run starring his father, Lloyd Bridges, photographed by brother Casey Bridges and narrated by Bud Court (Harold and Maude). It never made it to market - or outside the Bridge's living room for that matter - but as it yellowed in a storage box somewhere, Read More
  • Talking With Mark Duplass of THE ONE I LOVE, CREEP, and THE LEAGUE Mark Duplass threw his hat into the entertainment mix as a founder of the mumblecore movement before joining up with FX's the surprise hit tv show, The League. Since then, he's associated with filmmakers big and small, working on Oscar nominated films (Zero Dark Thirty) and indie gems (Safety Not Guaranteed) alike. This year, Duplass has been seen on the Read More
  • Talking With Charlie McDowell of THE ONE I LOVE A little bit uncomfortable in his armchair and quite obviously neurotic, Charlie McDowell may have been overshadowed by Mark Duplass, the star of his film The One I Love, but there was something to Duplass' confidence in the man that made him stand taller, that made his shoulders broaden. For a first time director, working with established talent like Duplass, Elizabeth Read More
  • A Definitive, Indisputable, Unarguable Ranking of the Coen Bro's Films Ethan and Joel Coen have been making movies since 1984. And not just your run-of-the-mill, "here's another one" kind of movie. Thoughtful, delicately constructed masterworks. One after another. I truly think it's fair to say that they don't have a bad movie in the bunch, which makes the task of ranking them ever the more difficult. Each of their films Read More
  • Out in Theaters: TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Like eating an entire pepperoni pizza to yourself, Jonathan Liebesman's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an exercise in corpulent gluttony. The jocular quips drip just as much cheese as the pizzas they scarf. An unnaturally meretricious Megan Fox oozes virginal sex like fat from a pepperoni. The CG eye-candy glistens like glitter on a stripper. But like that greasy, calorie Read More
  • Out in Theaters: INTO THE STORM Into the Storm encounters a litany of problems right from the get-go, many of which focus around the complete lack of talent in the acting department. Storm's stable of actors consist primarily of those that popular cable shows have chewed up and spit out, including The Walking Dead's Sarah Wayne Callies, Friday Night Light's Jeremy Sumpter, Veep's Matt Walsh and Read More
  • A Definitive Ranking of Marvel's Movies Nowadays the mantra seems to go, "If you've seen 'em, rank 'em." And me being the non-boat-rocking critic that I am, I've decided it pertinent to rank all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies what with Guardians of the Galaxy releasing wide today and all. As is with all lists, this numbered collection is infallible and completely definitive. Although other Read More
  • Out in Theaters: GET ON UP Get On Up doesn't know how good Chadwick Boseman is. Bursting with energy, filled with soul and one-hundred-and-sixty-nine percent committed, Boseman is a firecracker. Hell, he's straight dynamite. How appropriate that he plays the man they once called Mr. Dynamite. It's a certifiable shame then that the movie that surrounds Boseman's accomplished concerto of a performance is overstuffed, poorly edited Read More
  • Weekly Review 49: AFFLICTED, DELIVER, ANOTHER, PRINCESS, BLOOD, HOMEFRONT It's been a good month since I've posted a Weekly Review, betraying its namesake once again, so I have a hefty pile to pour on you. This week (read: month) took me through some familiar territory in an old classic, saw some decent recent horror movies and a pair of debuts from indie directors, one of which you'll most certainly Read More
  • Capitol Hill Block Party Sees Spoon Slay Spirits were high in Capitol Hill this weekend, as was the ratio of space bar music to instrumental bands. Read More
  • Out in Theaters: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY In 1977, George Lucas gifted the world Star Wars. Neither studio execs nor film critics could have ever predicted the momentous cultural phenomenon that Lucas' strange little space opera transmogrified into; how it would touch every corner of the globe to the tune of billions upon billions of dollars; how it would leave an inimitable legacy for people to talk Read More
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