• Out in Theaters: POLTERGEIST

    "A enjoyable, though cruise-controlled, remake of a classic" Read More
  • Out in Theaters: GOOD KILL

    "A commendable war-time morality play" Read More
  • Out in Theaters: TOMORROWLAND

    "A non-starter of a wanna-be franchise igniter" Read More
  • Weekly Review 79: MAUDE, MOTHER, MONTAGE, PITCH, FED

    "This, that and the other film" Read More
  • Out in Theaters: MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

    "One of the wildest rides I have ever had the honor to take" Read More
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  • Out in Theaters: PITCH PERFECT 2 Your enjoyment of Pitch Perfect 2 will be directly corollated to your willingness to endure acapella puns. That is, it’s only acappealing to some. Still with me? Let’s continue. In so much as this Pitch Perfect silliness could be confused with the cloying high school sugar rush that is Glee, the two share poppy musical stylings but are dished up Read More
  • Out in Theaters: FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD A nobleman, a commoner and a soldier walk into a bar. There sits a property-owning, curly mopped brunette beauty. Which man does she choose to marry? Such is the premise of Thomas Vinterberg’s adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s classic 1874 romance novel; a 512-page amorous yarn, turned into a dramaturgical 107-page script, turned into a 119-minute film. In simplifying the story, good Read More
  • Out in Theaters: THE D TRAIN Original, odd and almost entirely charmless The D Train exploits the lovable loser side of Jack Black to tell a high school reunion comedy that inexplicably transforms into a dour drama about sexual assault, repression and survivor's guilt. I know you're probably saying to yourself, "Wait, what?" I know how you feel, just stick with me. This is about to Read More
  • Weekly Review 78: RIVER, TANGERINES, UNCLE, SUNSHINE, 45 This week held the beginning of SIFF (at least for us press folk) which means I've started watching movies that I can't yet talk about, including Brian Wilson biopic Love and Mercy. In theaters, I saw a little movie called The Avengers: Age of Ultron (though I'm not sure that anyone will really be talking about that one) as well Read More
  • Out in Theaters: THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON What to say about The Avengers: Age of Ultron? It’s certainly a Marvel movie; a spectacle-heavy rationing of motormouthed zingers, busy with whip-pan, slo-mo action montages and done up like a prom queen with CG glitz. It’s the insatiable younger brother to Joss Whedon’s initial compulsory corporate softball tournament; a large and in charge super-conglomeration that rarely stops to make Read More
  • SIFF 2015 Releases Line Up This morning, the Seattle International Film Festival lifted the proverbial (and literal) curtain to unveil its impressive 2015 lineup. Arguably overstuffed to the point of popping, this year's fest will feature an even 450 films including 193 feature length, 70 documentaries, 19 archival films, 164 short films and 4 secret films. Of those 450, 49 are world premieres (23 features Read More
  • Talking With Nick Kroll of ADULT BEGINNERS, THE LEAGUE Nick Kroll first showed up on our televisions as a puka-shell wearing caveman in Cavemen, ABC's short-lived, ill-fated adaptation of the popular Geico commercial. (Preparing for this interview, I watched an episode and Kroll's bone-dry comic sensibilities are almost fully formed already, and it was surprisingly funny and apparently (ironically) ahead of its time.) Shortly thereafter, he collaborated with pre-fame Read More
  • Out in Theaters: THE WATER DIVINER The Water Diviner frankensteins elements from three distinct movie genres: a blood and honor war movie, a fish-out-of-water travelogue and an old timey, on the road adventure flick. Despite borrowing trappings from all of the above genres, it still can't manage to be interesting or, unsurprisingly, cohesive. It's like A Good Year collided into a Gallipoli and started napping. The Read More
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